Yarn Made From Plastic Bags

Introduction: Yarn Made From Plastic Bags

Hello everyone! If you have clicked on this then you probably know that I'm about to teach you how to make yarn from plastic. But why would you ever need to do that? Do you ever open up your pantry closet and see an abundance of plastic bags that you have no idea what to do with? Well, one day I was pondering what I could possibly do with all of these bags when I came across the idea of reusing them to make plastic yarn or plarn. (; Whenever I get the chance I love to reuse stuff instead of just throwing it away. Well, of course, you could always just reuse the bags by using them to carry stuff but some times there gets to be too many of them. Making plarn is the perfect way to use up all of your bags. Some times I find myself waiting anxiously for the next trip to the grocery store so I can use the bags to finish up my projects. I'm not going to bore you any more with my story, let's get straight to making this amazing craft. I hope you make this and let me know how it turned out.


plastic bags of any color


Step 1: Smooth It Out

Fluff up your bag

Take your plastic bag and tuck in the part that is sticking out to the side. Smooth the the bag out on a flat surface.

Step 2: Fold

Fold it in half the long way so its handle over handle. Smooth it out and fold again. Fold it until you have folded it about 3 times.

Step 3:

It should look like this. Cut off the bottom and the handles (Don't skimp on the bottom, or else it will stay connected).

Step 4: Cut

Cut pieces off that are about one inch long. Continue until you have finished all of it.

Step 5: Open

Open the pieces up one at a time as your about to use them.

Step 6: Connect

Lay a opened piece down, this piece will be known as #1. Lay another one down so that it slightly overlaps #1.

I have made the pieces different colors so that you could follow more easily.

The brown one is #1

The yellow one is #2

Step 7:

Pull the bottom part of #1 up and over #2 lay it down as shown then pull it under the upper part of #1 keep pulling and pull #2 as well. Pull until the knot connects the 2 pieces together. This is called the slip knot. Don't pull to tight or else the pieces will snap.

Sorry if i confused you more, if you don't understand feel free to look up a square knot, it should look something like that.

Step 8:

Continue to tie the pieces together then roll the yarn into a ball.

Step 9:

Enjoy! you can make this out of any color bag and even layer it. to do that simply put more then one piece on top of the other before connecting 'two' pieces.

Step 10: Have Fun

Above is a coaster that I've crocheted from plastic yarn. I layered it, so each part is four loops of plastic instead of one.

For my next plarn project i plan to crochet a basket.

Think up some projects of your own and let me know how it turns out : )

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