Introduction: Yarn Necklace With Matching Earrings

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Hello Everybody,

Quite a week, still quarantined nothing much to do, Thank god i had stack of yarn used for my previous project Yarn wall hanging with pompom and tassel, This project is for those who doesn't know crocheting or doesn't have right equipments for it. Because i happen to be both, recently while seeing crocheting 'ibles in fiber contests it attracted me, unfortunately i don't have that crochet hook also i couldn't buy one in this situation. Also making this project takes lot of time. Right now all we have is time, so its a win - win. I have been meaning to do this for quite sometime. Now finally was able to make it and result is better than i expected.

Step 1: Supplies

1) Yarn - Pink, white, Peach and Green

2) Pencils - 2

3) Cardboard

4) Earring hooks

5) Earring small loops

6) Corn flour (not shown)

Step 2: Make Your Own Trollen Wheel

Braided necklace will be made with the help of these, i marked dia of 8 cm cut out the circle and mark segments in the wheel. Poke a hole at the centre using pencil or any other suitable object

Step 3: Tricolour Braid

My flowers are gonna be pink, so my necklace braid colour combination is Pink - 2 strands, Peach - 2 strands, White - 3 strands.

Measure your neck size add 9 cm extra in length, tie a self knot at the end. Place the 7 strands in wheel, leaving a extra cut for shuffling the thread place

Step 4: How It Works

Hold the cardboard without strand towards you, go clockwise leaving two strands pick the third side and place in the empty portion, i.e., Pick the white in the 3 strand and place inbetween pink and white 1

Step 5: Do It Again

Again go in clockwise leaving two strands and pick the third strand to place in the empty holder. Here move the peach strand inbetween peach (left) and pink (right)

Start doing the same for rest of the yarn. This is how they get interlocked (3rd image). After sometime, pull little bit, yarn braid will automatically grows in the centre

Step 6: Peek - a - Boo

Once you do your swapping continuously, gently necklace braid grows. Its really firm and colourful with pattern.

Step 7: Knot It

Once you are done, that is all the yarn have become shortened and no more possibility to make more, that's your cue. remove from the wheel and put a knot at the end.

Your Braided Necklace is ready

Step 8: Petals

Tape the two pencils, Leaving some yarn at first end and start looping it, i looped about 18 times. Once done, put two knots, with first end last end. Cut off the excess

Step 9: How to Easy Put Yarn Through a Needle

Tape the very end of the yarn, cut a little sharp end and insert it inside needle hole. This is a fuss free way.

Step 10: Constrain

Tie a knot at the very end, Using needle loop it thrice and tie two knots at the top of it.

Step 11: Continued

Do the same, at the bottom too. Enter, loop and knot. Your first petal of centre piece is ready

Step 12: Make Some More

Make four more and start stitching them together. Stitch them one by one all stitching i'm using peach colour yarn. you can do it using the same pink also but i preferred peach to have see colour differences. Connect the first one and last one to finish the loop

Step 13: Centre of Attraction

I had this golden bead, place it in the centre and stitch it. Once done remove of the excess threads

Step 14: Side Flower Petal

For small flower one pencil width is enough for length of petal. Leave some thread and start the your rolling, here i rolled ten times and tied the knot.

Using the peach yarn tie constraint it

Step 15: Other Way

Here instead of stitching the other end too, like i did in centre flower i removed it from pencil and sewn the center part first

Step 16: Individual Knot

Put a golden bead as your finishing of the flower. This look is completely different from the one, so i thought, other end must be sewn they can't be left like that. Here you no need to tie a knot at the end, hold the extra yarn in one end and starting looping three times in other hand and tie two knots at the end

Step 17: Ta - Da

This method you'll be loop in air without the pencil base. Your centre and side flower is ready. Make one more with same procedure

Step 18: Leaf

Take a flexible copper wire, put a knot and starting swirling around it till the end. This forms the centre part of leaf

Step 19: Leaf Segments

Cut out 10 yarns of length 6cm

Step 20: Layers

Fold the first one and hold below the centre piece, Take another folded one, insert it at the head of the first one. after that pull out the tail of the first through this, pull at the both end now and tighten

Step 21: Do It Again

Do it five more times, now cut off the in descending order from 1.5 cm. If only 1.5 cm is maximum, then why 6cm length of leaf strand, Reason is there, tightening of both the strands requires length and it will be very difficult is size is less

Step 22: Unravel

Make one more, remove the strands of yarn using needle. This helps in better shape for leaf

Step 23: Soak It

It order to shape it you require liquid starch, since it was not available i mixed corn flour in water as equivalent for stiffener. Let the leaf soak for some time and dry it out in a parchment or plastic, while in wet form shape it.

Step 24: Let All Hear for Earring

Earring are also similar to small flower, Using one pencil make the petals, tie at one end, remove and loop it thrice on the other end and tie knot twice

Step 25: Little Buds

Aren't they cut they look like buds. Once after constraining both ends, sew it the connecting all one by one add beading as finishing touch

Step 26: Earrings Are Ready

Make one more, put a small loop combining yarn and hanging arrangement. This loop arrangement is opened at one end. Use a nose plier to tighten it.

Step 27: Combine

Now add the small loop and exactly place it at the centre of the braided necklace

Step 28: Add Side Flowers

Approximately 5.5 cm apart put the small loop and add the flowers to both the sides

Step 29: Add Leaf

Leaf took a while to dry after i trimmed it little bit to bring to shape. find centre inbetween the side flower and centre flower and place it

Step 30: Knot Arrangement

Equally i placed 7 loops at one and hook and 3 loops at the other end. They are of equal length comparatively. If this is not same then your flower display will not be in centre as planned. so its necessary if you add anything at one end, it should be equivalently ordered at other end too

Step 31: Ready to Showcase

Finally the braided flower necklace is ready

Step 32: Enjoy Your Work.

Wear it matching outfit and admire your work

Step 33: Thank You

Thank you for coming this far, i hope you enjoyed the journey as much as i did. Feel free post your thoughts. Also if think there are many details for this design, you can reduce it by making only centre flower or centre flower with leaves. Absolutely choice is yours !!

Don't worry that you don't know crocheting, you can make these kinds of things in your own way. Imagination is unlimited

Adios !!!

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