Introduction: Yarn Walking Bird Puppet

Walking is always fun. Kids in lockdown want to play with some thing different. So this puppet was made by my wife and her sister for my Kid. It walks cute and kids like it very much. Its very easy to make. So all must try this if you have small kids less than 10.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Yarn thread

2) Bead Chain

3) Any Coins - 2Nos

4) Read Color Felt

5) Eyes - 2Nos

6) Pencils - 2

7) Fishing line

Tools Required

1) Hot Glue Gun

2) Scissors

Step 2: Make Pom Pom

We want yarn Pom Pom to make it. So first see how to make Pom Pom. Lot of ideas you able to find in the web. But with out any addition need here we see how to make Pom Pom


SECURE THE END Take the end of the yarn and tuck it between your two fingers to keep it from unraveling. Remember not to let go as you start wrapping.


START WRAPPING Then wrap the yarn around 3 or 4 fingers leaving the thumb free. The number of fingers you wrap around will determine the size of the finished pom pom.


REMOVE THE YARN When you are happy with the volume, take the yarn carefully off your hand.


TIE THE CENTER Take a 6 inch (15cm) piece of wool and wrap it around the center of the DIY pom poms a couple of times.Pull very tight and tie a knot. Cut the ends of the center string.


SHAPE AND CUT Fluff up your DIY pom poms and trim the ends to shape.

Step 3: Mor Pom Poms

Make 10 Green color Pom Pom for leg 2nos and neck 8nos. Sandal colour pom pom 1 large size for body and 1 medium size Sandal colour pom pom for head (sorry head miss in the image) and 2 above small size Sandal colour Pom Pom for foot.

Step 4: Neck and Head

Stick 8 green colour Pom Pom and beads alternatively.

On the top stick one medium size sandal pom pom for head.

Stick the eyes Cut Red felt for mouth and stick.

Step 5: Making Legs

Take two sandal medium size Pom Pom and stick coins on the bottom side for legs

Stick Green colour pom pom above tthe sandal colour pom pom

Stick the nead chain over green Pom Pom now the leg is ready.

Step 6: Join Leg, Neck and Head With Body

Now the doll is finish. Use the Hot glue gun stick the neck head with the body on one side of the body Pom Pom.

Stick the Leg Chain in the lower side of the body as shown in the figure.

Step 7: Operating Cross

I use pencil to to make the Cross to operate puppet. You even use Ice cream sticks but pencil is hard when compare to ice cream sticks

Step 8: Connect the Strings

4 Strings from the puppet joint to the cross using thread or fiber or fish line. one from the head to neck joint to the front of the cross. Body to the Center of the cross. From both leg green Pom Pom to the left and right side of the cross. Now the puppet is ready to play.

Step 9: Play With Puppet

Here are some videos of the puppet play by elders.

Step 10: Close Up Walk Video

Step 11: Puppet Photo Shoot

Some photo Shoot.

Step 12: Kids Play

This is the amazing video while play by kids the puppet not only walk it even dance. I think for next 2 to 3 days my kid always have it in her hands and play with this, after that it also sleep with other toys for some other day to play.

Lot more to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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