Introduction: Yarn Wall Hanging With Pom Pom and Tassel

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Hello Everybody,

How's it going, Today im gonna publish an instructable which i having been aching to do long ago, enjoy the ride by making cute fluffy pom pom, tassels.. isn't it fun or what !!! but it really took lot of my time to finish it, but definitely worth it... This is the first thing you wanna see when you wakeup, hence i have hung it my bedroom ;) it is not only feast for eye but also a little reminder of what persistent and hardwork is.

Step 1: Supplies

Lots and Lots of yarn

Also i used embroidery thread for making tassel




Wood stick - 2 nos

Wood polish

Step 2: Make Your Pompom Maker

I have decided to get 4 cm diameter pompom, Marked to cardboard of length x width = 10 x 7 cm and the inbetween spacing cutout is 2 1/2 cm in width

Step 3: Pom Pom Method 1#

Here in upcoming step i'm gonna illustrate different method of making pom pom without a pom pom maker, this is the first method i have made.

Hold the yarn at one end and start rolling it till the edge, Tie a double knot perpendicular, cut the yarn at both the edges of the cardboard

Step 4: Transformation Technique

After cutting the edges of the yarn , you'll end up with yarn ball, almost 7cm diameter of the ball but thats not final, start trimming the yarn almost 3 cm evenly to end up with 4cm dia of fluffly pom pom

Step 5: Pom Pom Method 2#

This is the second method of making pom pom, this is circular pom pom maker, cut two cardboard circle with 7 cm dia, poke a hole in center for letting the yarn to roll.

Roll the entire the maker, tie double knot in the perpendicular direction i.,e perpendicular to yarn rotational direction (sorry no image for that)

Step 6: Trim

After tying double knot cut the edges of the yarn at the cardboard end, remove the yarn from pom pom maker starting trimming about for 3 cm evenly in all direction

Step 7: Pom Pom Method 3#

This method is for making multiple pom pom at a time, this cardboard length is 21 cm , i made to sure keep all my pom pom size with dia as 7 cm, this will yield 3 pom pom at one side, thus 21/3 = 7cm... so totally 6nos on both sides

Place the yarn, hold it and start rotating the yarn until the required thickness

Step 8: Precision Is Important

Unless you have eye which calculate the midpoint of the segment, you'll have to do the marking of cutting and tying section

Mark 3.5, 10.5, 17.5 cm in the cardboard, this is where you tie the double knot.. do the marking on two side of the cardboard

"Double knot is mandatory", single knot will not last

Step 9: Find the Midpoint

Also mark 7cm, 14cm; 21cm is obvisously the cardboard end. After double knotting cut one end of the yarn at carboard end and start cutting at 7cm & 14 cm portion

Step 10: Another Set

Pink pompom created by Pom pom method 3#

Step 11: Tassel

They have lot of variety of tassel

I have made tassel using Embroidery thread.. so to say easy way to make it

Measure the thread, fold it at midpoint

Step 12: Tie

Leaving some space at the top, tie a double knot, for firmness i gave it two swing before tieing

Step 13: Pulling It Together

Add thread with required length at the top for making

Step 14: Open

Cut both the edges of the thread, give it a good shake

Step 15: Ready

Cut the excess thread and using a needle remove the stranded of the thread to make it fluffy

Step 16: Make Some More

Step 17: Wall Hanging Part 1

I decided to make two level of the wall hanging, first measure the length of the wood stick. To my luck, this was lying down in my house for a long time without being used .

Apply wood polish.

Step 18: Hanger

Take thread desirable length, measure how much you wanna leave space, tie accordingly leaving 0.5 cm at the end, don't worry we'll cover it by some other means

Step 19: Ash Yarning

Cut a thread size of about 18 inch, find the mid point

Place it below the wood piece, Loop the yarn into that the end terminal loop it by taking it inside and pull it

Step 20: Finished First Part

Start the looping, it sure does take a lot of time, but the ending is worth it

Step 21: Hanging Part 2

check where you wanna fix the second portion, find the middle point of both stick, align them and start doing the dark grey looping. I started from middle portion and alternatively like left and right and repeat. I wanted to do double colouring, hence i did in this way.

Step 22: Second Colour

I have used dark colours as base colour, i felt adding light colour so i added white yarn also my background is light green. where you are gonna hung this, that also matters for choosing colour combinations. I wanted a almost V shape, hence ended up with following measurement


Middle dark blue portion - 40 inch

White portion - 35 inch

Edge dark blue portion - 30 inch

Step 23: Make It Even


Each and every thread i didnt measure using tape, taken one thread started rolling with equivalent thread, so here and there , there was minor size differences, so measured and trimmed the first part

Step 24: Decoration

Take out the cute little pom pom and start tying them to the yarn in position where you like, i almost gave a flower look.

Step 25: Combing the Yarn

Second have to be trimmed after hangning , since i wanted v shape as well the lenght is more. I used the oldest technique of cutting hair, combed the yarn :P and started to cut for my desiring

Step 26: Hang & Admire

Thank you

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