Introduction: Yarn Wrapped Letter K

This letter K was for my niece Koralynn. I wanted something she could have and enjoy for years to come but not take up too much space. She can hang it on her wall or place it on her dresser or on a shelf.

Step 1: Supplies

Wooden letter


Craft liquid glue


Fabric craft flowers and butterflies

Scrapbooking brads

Feathers ( I chose to not use the feathers at the end but that's up to you)

I bought the wooden letter at Walmart for under $2.00 and I had the flowers and butterflies but you can get those at any crafting store as well as the crafting liquid glue and scissors. The yarn was left over yarn from other projects and the seagull feather I found on the beach on the day my niece was born.

Step 2: Ends of the Letter

To start: Before placing the yarn at each step, I used a small amount the crafting liquid glue along the middle of the wood making sure to go in a zigzag line to help the yarn adhere to the wood.

*I made the mistake of wrapping the larger parts of the letter first. I found after doing that, I should have done the ends of the letter first. Once I figured that out, I stopped and did the ends.*

To make sure that all the sides get covered and no wood is showing, I used the lighter color yarn first to wrap the ends of the letter. I suppose I could have used the darker yarn for this step but I wasn't sure how much I had.

I measured the yarn to make sure the pieces fit then took all the measured yarn pieces and carefully glued them into place, pressing down firmly. As you can see in the pictures, the yarn pieces are about a half an inch down the "legs" of the letter. This is to help with making things look even and clean.

Step 3: Wrapping the "legs"

Once those wrapped ends were dry I continued wrapping the larger parts of the letter, wrapping all the way to the end of the "legs".

The middle part of the K was difficult and I forgot to get pictures of it as I was wrapping due to the concentration I needed to get the wrapping to look correct.

Using a new piece of yarn, I wrapped the very middle, smaller part of the K first then wrapped the whole way across moving up and all the way to the end of the "leg".

I then started another new piece of yarn and continued down the bottom "leg". Again, I used the glue to keep things where they needed to be.

I was trying to get the yarn to be horizontal on the whole letter and I found this method seemed to look the best. Although the upper right "leg" yarn is a little sloped, I think it looks great for a first try!

Step 4: Final Wrapping of the Ends

Using the darker more fluffy yarn, I wrapped the ends. You can see I wrapped a few times down the "leg" to help aid in covering all visible wooden spots. Yes, I used glue to again ensure everything would stay in place.

Step 5: Final Additions

Finally, what I think was the fun part, adding the embellishments!

The flowers have little pin holes in the middle of them so I used the brads to keep them in place. Piercing the middle of the flower with the brad I then pushed the tips of the brad into the yarn to hold in place.

The butterflies I glued into place.

All done!

I am so pleased with how this came out and I hope you enjoy your creation!

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