Introduction: Yaz's Mac and Cheese

You may be thinking: macaroni and cheese is simple to make and tastes pretty similar no matter what recipe you use, well think again. After trying Yaz's Mac and Cheese, you will never go back to a regular dish, like Kraft, and your taste buds will be thankful. Yaz's is a tradition in the Morrissey Manor at Notre Dame, in which the basement is turned into a restaurant to feed many hungry mouths from Sundays to Wednesdays. They are most notably know for their succulent macaroni and cheese dish, and after you follow this Instructable, you will be able to have this luxury wherever you are at any time. In order for you to complete this masterpiece, you will need a pound of dry noodles, two cups of milk, two and a half cups of shredded cheese, a container of nacho cheese sauce, a pressure cooker (Instant Pot), black pepper, chili powder, garlic salt, a metal pot, and your choice of meat if you are feeling adventurous. Let's get cooking!

Step 1: Preparing the Pasta for Cooking

To start things off, you must fill a large metal water about one third full. This is around two cups per pound of macaroni noodles, to create the perfect mix. Next, you will add the packet of hard macaroni noodles, which is one pound and the maximum amount you can make in one pot is two pounds. One pound of macaroni feeds around 12 people, which is nothing for a night at Yaz's. The pot should be placed in the pressure cooker and set for eleven minutes, then just watch the steam come out of the machine until that timer hits zero.

Step 2: Adding the Essentials

Once the eleven minutes is up, take out the pot, and pour out any excess water so only the newly formed noodles remain. This is where the fun begins, as you add two cups of milk, two and a half cups of shredded cheddar, and three scoops of nacho cheese sauce per pound of macaroni that you used. Mix all of this goodness until you can see that all of the ingredients are becoming one, and it will resemble the creamy mac we all know and love.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Once you have reached this step, most chefs would be pleased with the final product, but the Yaz's method takes it to the next level. After the macaroni is marinated in the cheese and milk, one should add black pepper, chili powder, and garlic salt it order for the flavors to really kick in. There is no set amount for these spices, so you should taste it yourself and find the balance that is right for you. Once you are happy with the way the product tastes, Yaz's typically serves it in a paper board food tray, but whatever you have available will be fine. Enjoy the dish!

Step 4: (Optional) Beefing Up Your Creation

If you feel like you make your macaroni and cheese even better, there is always the option to add meat to the delicacy. Yaz's typically offers pork or chicken, but any meat you enjoy will work with the macaroni. You can use a crock pot to cook the meat of your choice, and try the same spices in the previous step in order to bring out the flavor. This step is not necessary in order to make the finished product, but it can definitely improve your experience if you want some extra protein.

Step 5: Conclusion

This meal represents something bigger than just your favorite dinner. It represents the culture of Yaz's which brings people together multiple times a week. At Notre Dame, people come for a late night snack of course, but it really helps people connect and not worry about what was on their mind that day. This applies to everywhere, as sometimes we just need a break from the chaos life can bring us. Whenever something is stressing you out in life, just follow these instructions, sit back, and enjoy some mac and cheese.