Introduction: Ybzpsndcd

White symbolizes her advanced sense of technology, but also symbolizes respect, purity, peace, simplicity, the addition of snowflakes to highlight her high cold to make him beautiful and moving, thisy bzsndcd may now be a different name, But he could later be a name on behalf of a team or a name for me personally, and the vehicle engineering represents my professional vehicle engineering. The injectors are designed to give her the explosive power and speed to be like a beast. Plus the side of the wing is to make her more perfect and more beautiful.

Step 1: The Foundation of Skateboarding

Put a positive square X axis 120 mm, Y axis 40 mm, Z axis 3 mm.Put a cylinder with a radius of 20 mm and put a positive square X axis 20mm Y axis 40 mm Z axis together.Rotate 15 degrees.Rotate 15 degrees.

Step 2: Part Linked to Skateboard

Put two round roofs and one square.The alignment height is adjusted to 3 mm.

Step 3: Wheel

Set a fan leaf thickness to 3 mm.The cylinder Z axis rotates 90 degrees diameter diameter 15 mm, and then put a transparent cylinder 4 mm in diameter, align, copy 4.

Step 4: Axle

Put a cylinder Z axis rotated 90 degrees, Y axis length 30 mm, diameter 5 mm.Put another cylinder with a

diameter of 10 mm and align it.Copy 2.

Step 5: Synthesis

Align the wheels with the axle.

Step 6: Detailed Wheels and Axles

6 mm in diameter, 3 mm in height, 4 copies.X Y axis 6 mm, copy 4.Place the cone in this position by pressing the cone to the figure above.The roof is combined with the image above.

Step 7: The Axle and Skateboard Link Part Combination

Height 3 mm, X Y axis 30 mm.Put it together.The above two pictures combine ,as shown below.Do two.

Step 8: Custom

Put a personalized font together.

Step 9: Accelerator

Place one cone and copy both.Place a transparent square to leave 10 mm behind the cone.Put a transparent cylinder.Finally combined as shown in the figure.

Step 10: Accelerator Installation

Put a pointed windmill blade, X Y axis 11 are all millimeters.Combined with the injector situ at the left.

Step 11: Construction of the Flanks

Put a wedge X-axis 20 mm, Y-axis 45 mm,Z-axis 3 mm, put a cylinder and a transparent square combined into a semi-circular Z-axis 3 mm with a wedge,copy both.The final combination is shown on the left.

Step 12: Fan on the Flank

Copy one of the injectors above to remove the rear pillars and copy one.

Step 13: The Final Synthesis

Finally, the copied injector is 24 mm off the working plane and combined with the flanks, the finished product is shown in the figure above.

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