Introduction: Yes, It's a Paper Airplane

Paper Airplanes: A wonderful way to annoy your significant other or your friends. Or anyone you want to annoy, really. Teachers, strangers, family, etc are all targets, I suppose. I am one such target for my girlfriend, in fact. Whenever I am writing up a report for a Psych class, she's prepared to lighten up the mood by throwing a projectile at my face. So when I was given an assignment to make a step-by-step instructable, this came to mind. Especially since until making this project, I, a 20 year old college student, have never made and never knew how to make a paper airplane.

Step 1: Orientation

You should begin with a plain sheet of paper, oriented portrait-style, as can be observed in the photo.

Step 2: Folding Your Paper

Start by folding your paper from left to right. Please note: I failed Art in High School. Folding is not my strong point (though after many takes, I made an acceptable paper airplane).

Step 3: Creasing Your Paper

Start by applying pressure to the center of the fold. This will ensure the edges are even, a task I had failed at in every attempt prior to being taught this. Then, slide your finger along the fold to make a permanent crease in the paper. Start from the top of the paper and slide along to the bottom.

Note: For a crisper fold that will hold better, you can use an object stronger than your finger, such as a pencil or a pen.

Step 4: Unfolding

Unfold the airplane and lay it flat in front of you.

Step 5: Folding the Corners

Fold the top corners so that the top edge of the paper now runs parallel with the center crease. As with earlier (and all steps involving folding from here on out) a tool such as a pen or pencil can help you with your creases to make them crisper.

Step 6: Folding the Corners Once More

Fold the corners in again. Grab the corner and take it to the center edge until the slanted edge now runs parallel with the center fold.

Step 7: Getting the Triangle

Fold the paper from left to right, following the crease you made earlier.

Step 8: Turn the Plane

Turn the airplane so that the center crease (what will become the bottom of the plane) is now the closest edge to you.

Step 9: Starting the Wings

Fold the top edge down so that the top edge runs along the bottom crease you made earlier.

Step 10: Turn It Over

Flip the paper over horizontally so that you now have the unfolded wing in front of you.

Step 11: Folding Down the Second Wing

Fold the top edge down so that the top edge runs along the bottom crease you made earlier. (Repeat the earlier step involving the first wing).

Step 12: Solidifying Your War Machine

Pick up the paper airplane. Slide your thumb and forefinger under the “wings” and grasp the center fold between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 13: Finalizing the Wings

Gently slide the wings upward until they are horizontally flat.

Step 14: Examine Your Plane

Make sure all creases are folded and creased well so that your plane is structurally sound. If the creases are too flimsy, your plane will not fly very well.

Step 15: Prepare to Launch

Your plane is now ready to take flight upon an unsuspecting victim! I do not endorse using your plane upon teachers or people of authority that may get you into trouble, but it will be great fun to annoy friends and family with. As for me, it is time to get some revenge...

Step 16: Useless Step Here

I am very new to this program, and am embarrassed to say that I do not know how to delete empty steps that I accidentally created. So, we have this useless step :D

Hope you all enjoyed the paper airplane creation!