Introduction: Yes/No Push Button-Controlled LCD

This project is a combination of the "Hello World!" project on the Arduino website ( and the "Keyboard and Mouse Control" project on the Arduino website ( It creates an LCD screen that displays the word "No" until the pushbutton is pressed, which then causes the LCD screen to display the word "Yes."

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials Needed:

- 1 Arduino or Genuino Board

- 2 breadboards

- 1 10k Ohm resistor

- 1 1k Ohm resistor

- 1 potentiometer

- 1 LCD screen

- 20 hook-up wires

- 1 USB cable

Step 2: Build the Contruction

Build the construction according to the diagram from Step 1 and the schematic above. Notice where each resistor is placed, as they have different resistances.

Step 3: Write the Code

Write out the code on the Arduino software. The comments in brown explain what each line of code is doing.

Step 4: Test It Out

Connect the Arduino to the computer with the code on it using a USB cable. Verify and upload the code. The LCD should display the word "Yes" when the pushbutton is pressed and "No" when it is not pressed.