Introduction: Yet Another ATTINY85 ISP Programmer Shield for Arduino

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The ATTINY85 ISP Programmer Shield is designed to program easily the ATTiny85 µControllers.

The shield must be plugged into The Arduino Uno board.

The Arduino Uno is prepared to act as an "In Circuit Serial Programmer" (ICSP or ISP).

The shield has the following features:

  • A socket for ATTINY85 µControllers.
  • A socket for ATMEGA328 DIP µControllers.
  • A standard ICSP connector to program a large range of Microchip (ATMEL) µControllers .


Many articles on the internet explain in details how to design this simple ISP programmer.

In this article, I have gathered all the information in one place to be easily accessible and not confusing.

Step 1: PCB Design

The free open source software Kicad is used to design the PCB.

Step 2: Component Sourcing

Just a few components are needed for this simple project.

Step 3: PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

For quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production, The PCB is manufactured by JLCPcb.

Assembling the ISP shield is easy. Just a few components are soldered.

Be careful and patient.

Step 4: Preparing the Arduino Uno

The Arduino Uno must be programmed with ArduinoISP sketch found in the examples section.

Step 5: Configuring the Arduino Uno

The Uno must be configured as "Arduino as ISP" in the Tools -> Programmer sub menu.

Step 6: Flashing the Bootloader to ATTINY85

This step serves only to flash the fuses of the ATTINY85 chip.

Be careful with setting fuses. "An internal 1 MHZ" is adequate for battery driven boards.

Step 7: Programming the ATTINY85 Sketch

Load your favorite sketcn and configure the arduino IDE for the right board, for instance the ATTINY85.

Click on the "Upload Using Programmer" under the "Sketch" menu to flash the chip.

Step 8: Enjoy

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