IPOD Storage Tin or Hiding Place



Introduction: IPOD Storage Tin or Hiding Place

I started protecting my IPOD by keeping it in a makeup bag but always worried about leaking perfume or other makeup ruining it. Someone showed me headphones in a small mint tin and I decided to expand on this by using a tobacco tin to keep my IPOD and accessories. This is yet another IPOD Storage Tin but I think this makes an excellent hiding place.

Step 1: Put It Together

You will need

IPOD Accessories - My accessories are

  • IPOD Shuffle
  • Shuffle Charging Cable
  • Earphones
  • IPOD Nano

Unused Tobacco Tin (or Altoids Tin or similar) This will probably cost £3 or less. I love the designs on tobacco tins.

Arrange as shown in pictures or however best suits you.

If I didn't have a second IPOD then I might store a USB stick or some micro SD cards


When putting the closed tin in a bag, all the accessories are kept together without worry of keys or other objects scratching or smashing the IPOD screen.

The headphones don't get tangled.

It is not obviously an IPOD holder, which makes it a potential theft deterrent.


Yes I know IPODs are old fashioned and I could just listen to music on my phone - but why would I use up data and phone battery life when I can listen for free on a device I already have?

I keep two ipods in case one runs out of batteries when I want to listen to music. They have different playlists.

There are many other versions which have holes drilled into them. For me this isn't necessary because I clip the IPOD onto my clothing, or onto some elastic around my portable speakers, or just leave it on my desk.

Everything fits snugly enough that I am happy to use it without additional padding.

I would consider investing in a bigger tobacco tin if there was enough room to keep a charging cable for the Nano, although I have not tried this yet.

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