Introduction: Yet Another Laptop Wifi Antenna Mod

Add range to your laptop's wifi card by installing a removable antenna which is connected to your internal wireless card via the PCMCIA card slot.


Step 1: Peices Parts

You need:
An antenna, size matters
A short pigtail connector
A pigtail to RP-TNC connector (can be anything that matches your antenna)
A "blank" PCMCIA card, comes with most dell laptops to fill the PCMCIA slot
optional: copper wire (pulled out of some old Cat5)

Most of these peices came out of one of the many burned up Cisco Aironet 1200 routers I have sitting in my closet

Step 2: Put It Together

Epoxy your connector to the blank PCMCIA card

I added skrews which i tied down with the copper wire for stability

Run the pigtail connector through your PCMCIA cage to your internal wireless card's AUX antenna connector.

Step 3: Done!

Very Nice!