Yin Yang Chocolate Rolls




Introduction: Yin Yang Chocolate Rolls

Step 1: Ingredients:

- Wafel
- butter
- 200g of powder sugar
- 300g of ground biscuits
- 100g of wallnuts
- 1 deciliter of milk
- essence of rum
- one orange peel
- white and dark chocolate
- vanilla sugar
- 2 tbsp of milk
- 100g of rosted ground hazelnuts
- 100g of coconut flakes

Step 2: The Filling

Mix the butter and add powdered sugar, ground biscuits, wallnuts and milk. When you combine those ingredients after mixing, divide that filling into two bowls.
In one add the essence of rum and in the other add grounded orange peel.

Step 3: Rolling

Between two wet kitchen rags place an empty wafel and let it moisten for few minutes. Then slice the wafel in 3x3 inch squares, roll them and fill with mass you first made changing from one fillings to other.
Seal ends by pressing them with water wet fingers.
leave rolls to dry for an hour.

Step 4: Black End

When rolls are dry, melt the dark chocolate (add piece of butter, 1 tbsp of milk and 1 tbsp of vanille sugar in pot), dip one end of a roll in melted chocolate and sprinkle it with ground rosted hazelnuts.

Step 5: White End

Then melt the white chocolate (add butter, vanille sugar and milk like in dark one) and dip the other end of that roll and sprinkle it with coconut. Leave them to cool down.
If you wish you can colour white chocolate with food colouring.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you,. there are actually many recipes you can prepare with wafels.
    You can fill each with different fillings, try adding candied fruits and honey. They can look like this two on the pictures.
    Scoochmaroo I hope you will find wafel in your supermarket.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I have seen wafel in the supermarket in the spanish section and thought what would do with these they seem to fragil to make some thing out of but now i know