Introduction: Yin-Yang Spinner

This is a Yin and Yang Fidget spinner, our measurements are a bit big so is your would like scale them down and make them your own. I hope this interests you guys because I really enjoyed making this.

Step 1: Step 1: Autodesk Inventor Work

1. Make a large solid circle for the middle of the spinner of the sixe 67.2 mm

2. Make a smaller circle inside to contain the ball bearing and the size of ours is 22.4 mm

3. Make 4 circles surrounding the larger middle circle our sixe was 30 mm

4. Then outside of that make four circles inside to again contain the ball bearing and the same size of 22.4 mm

5. Then create a circle outside of each of those four making them the same size of 30 mm

6. The in the same diection as theose revious circles create 5.5 mm circles

7. Then create and arch of 36.3474 mm

8. After that trim off the excess pieces of the circle and now you have created the spinner

Step 2: Step 2: to 3D Print (May Be Different for Different Printers)

1. To 3D print you must take the drawing and put it on a flashdrive if that computer isn't caple of printing to the 3D printers (if your printer is skip Step 1-3)

2. Go to the capable computer and plug in the flashdrive

3. Then covert measurements if need be

4. Transfer information to SD card (don't forget to remove flashdrive)

5. Place SD card into 3D printer SD spot

4. Go to select the drawing click the print off of SD card option and then select your drawing off the SD card

5. Then it should start to print, it should take a while to print so be patient

Step 3: Step 3: Play With and Checkout Your Finished Design

1. Have fun, but make sure it turned out the way you wanted it

2. Decorate to make it your own

Step 4: Back Story

Why did I select this Item?

- I tend to move arond a lot and I thought that it would be cool to make a more interestig fidget spinner to keep me entertained.


- These fidget spinner have gained lots of populatrity lately and they are even being sold for good money.

Personal Connection?

- I have had many friends with ADHD and I know it's hard for them to sit down and focus, so I hope this could help them.

How would this help people?

- It would help people, such as me, to not be so distracting in class. It could also help people with ADHD sit still and concentrate.

What problems/challenges did I encounter?

- It was hard to find a place to print and I struggled when I was creating this because it was my first time using Inventor and my first time 3D printing something. I also struggled when trying to decorate the 3D printed spinner because I didn't know what design I was going for, but I like the outcome.

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