Introduction: Yo-Yo Trick: Escape Ladder(5A Trick)

Anti-yo + Instructables Video Contest

This trick is a 5A (Instead of having the yoyo attached to a finger, it is attached to a counterweight) trick.

Knowledge of basic yoyo mounts
A Yo-yo (preferably unresponsive, which means that it won't come back with a tug)
A Counterweight (A dice or a bouncy ball)

1. Perform a Double or Nothing with your thumb
2. Perform a Chopsticks Mount (Land the yoyo between the string btwn. your thumb and index finger)
3. Let go of your counterweight
4. Pull the CW btwn. your thumb and index finger
5. Swing your hand around the yoyo
6. Re-insert the CW
7. Here's the hard part: you'll need to let go of everything and cross your arms
8. Land a cross-armed trapeze
9. Bind

Yo-yo used: BadRep by RecRev
Music Used: Get Up Stand Up - Bob Marley