Introduction: Yoda Papercraft Easy (2-D)

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Instructable to make Yoda I will teach you!

This is a very simple papercraft 2-D project for all ages.  This instructable will guide you to make your own master Yoda!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

Hole Punch
White Glue
Brass Fasteners
Construction Paper
Black Sharpie
Yoda Template

Step 2: Templates

I have four templates on the PDF.  Two will create a small Yoda and the other Two will create a larger Yoda (which is shown in this instructable)

Of those patterns two are made for you to print out on card stock and color in the parts yourself then glue together.  Helpful for little hands who may not be able to manipulate scissors as well as older children who's fine motor skills are more developed.

The other two should be used to cut the patterns out of construction paper and create Yoda.  You could also print them out on card stock and color them in.  The beauty of these templates, you do not have to use the blocky eyes and mouth you can draw on the details of Yoda if you choose.

Step 3: Cut Our Your Pieces

Print out the Yoda template  and cut them out.  Lay the pattern on the paper color of your choice and cut out the shapes needed to create Master yoda.

Step 4: Put Yoda Together

Take Yoda's robes and lay it out flat.  Glue along the top of the feet tab and glue them to the bottom of the robe.  On top of the robe and glue to attach the head.  You can decided how far down you want to put Yoda's head.

Step 5: Say What?

Put glue on Yoda's ears and attach them to his head, eyeball where you would like them placed.  Typically you see Yoda with is ears on the side of his head.

Take the interior Yoda's robe and glue it on to the top part of the robe. 

Step 6: Eye See You!

Glue on Yoda's eyes.  You can cut his eyes out of white and black paper.  You can even cut out a green circle of his iris.  I was saving time so I used the template eyes.  The outer part of the eyes.  If you are using he same color of paper you are going to want to do something so it does not completely blend.  I took a white crayon ad colored over the top.  Glue this part over the eye ball.

Step 7: Yummy Donut Holes

Take Yoda's nose and mouth and also put white crayon over it so it did not completely blend with the paper.  I took a black sharpie to add details .

Take two of yoru arms and punch holes with a hole punch in them.  Punch two holes on the side of Yoda's body, right near his head)  This is where your brass fastener will go.

Step 8: Brass Fastener and Hands

Put your brass fastener through the hole and hook your arms. Take the hand and glue one to each side. Take the second set of arms you made and glue it on top of the arm with the brass fastener.  This will let you hide the fastener.  This is a cosmetic step, you do not have to use it if you do not choose.  If you choose to not put the cosmetic arm on, make sure when you attach the hand you attach it to the back of the sleeve.  If you decided to use the cosmetic step, it does not matter if you glue the hand on top or on bottom of Yoda.

Step 9: Hold on to Your Lightsaber!

Punch a hole in yoda's hand and into the hilt of the light-saber.  Run a brass fastener through the hand and the hilt..  Glue the extra hand on top of the first.

Note: Now, after I did this I realized my error. My idea was to be able to trade out the saber and his cane, I needed to hook the hand or cane to the back of the hand.  Oops!

Step 10: Details

Taking a crayon and sharpie details can be added to Yoda to make him more Yoda like.  I removed a small portion to the top of Yoda's head to give him some more definition.

Well done!

You have now created your own Master Yoda.  I will be making more Star Wars Characters soon so he has someone to battle.  :)

This can be used as a school art project, a camp activity, extra creative seat work, part invites, and even a learning tool (see my instructable here for ideas for that)

Make sure to share and show me your Yoda's!

Step 11: PoofRabbit's Tips and Thoughts

Cut all the templates out first, then your parts, this makes organizing things a lot easier for kids.

Have a plastic bag on hand (like a zip lock) to put template pieces and cut out parts in.  This will allow students to put things away in the bag and not goof and throw away an important part with their scraps.

Glue all at once.  (Remember dot dot not a lot...I know I show a lot of glue but truly a little goes a long way)  Also gluing all at once can allow for removal of parts easily as you work, in case you goof up.  This is much harder to do if the glue is dry.

Templates do not need to be used just for paper, you could create this using clay, felt, foam, cardboard and more, you are only limited by your imagination.

If you are reading The Strange Case of Origami Yoda as a class this can be a fun project, you can use the back to write facts about the book.  Origami Yoga has a great how to in the back to make an Origami Yoda, however their are kids who have a hard time with Origami (even very simple origami), so this can be an alternative when they get frustrated.

Have any thoughts?  Ideas?  Did you make my project please share!

Be sure to check out my other projects..........and may the Instructable Force Be With You!

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