Introduction: Yoga Mat Carrier

well today we are making a yoga mat carrier to add a little style to our daily walk to yoga class,

here is what you'll need ...


Measuring tape



Thread and needles

Yoga mat

Leather straps

Water soluble paper for embroidery

Embroidery hoop

Embroidery needle

Embroidery thread

Leather crafting tools


Strap from an old bag

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Fabric

Basically we are making a cylinder

Measure the distance around your rolled up mat and the height of half of your mat ( add about 2 cm to sew a rolled hem on each side) mine was about 33/35 cm.

Now you'll need to cut out 2 equal pieces. its helps for esthetic and so the needle work you rub against the mat.

Measure the diameter when your mat is rolled up and create a circle ( add about 2 cm to your circle to sew a rolled hem) mine was about 12 cm. this part is for the bottom of the cylinder

Step 2: Embroidery

we what to add some bling to our carrier for that you'll need the water soluble fabric.

First, drew the image on paper and then trace it on Water soluble paper.

Now using needle attached the painting to the actual fabric and follow your trace. this is the part that will take you some time...

when you are finished rinse the fabric in water and the solubale frame will dissolve resulting in a beautiful pattern on your carrier.

Step 3: Sew the Pieces Together

By stage you should have the following ready:

2 big fabric pieces one with a pattern and an empty one ,

1 circle bottom part

1 zipper

you'll need to sew one side of the zipper between the two layers of the fabric, then sew the circle at the bottom and afterward the other side of the zipper. don't mix up these step because it will be a lot harder otherwise.

This should result in a nice cylinder with a zipper on each side

Step 4: Making Leather Strapes

Now for the leather part,

take your hide an make two straps out of it: one 3/35 cm for the cylinder sealer and a second 3/37 cm for the top part of the mat. if your hide is uncolored you can color(stained) it like me or just leave it plain natural.

for the first strap(the one that you are sewing to the fabric). prepare the leather by punching stitching holes on both sides of it. then stitch it to the top of the fabric.

for the second strap place a snap on the edges, make sure that it not too far apart so that it can close on the mat firmly.

Step 5: Connecting the Handle

Finally, our last step is connecting the handle to our bag,

sew it to the top and bottom leather straps. then use to small metal clips to secure both sides of the bottom strap when the zipper is ready.

All you have left now is to enjoy your Yoga practice!

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