Introduction: Yoga Mat Cleaner

About: Weber State University, Stacie Egan's ENG 3100

Here is an easy way to make your own yoga mat cleaner with materials you may already have on hand. Feel good with the fact that you know what is in your cleaner and a sense of pride that you made it yourself! Namaste!


witch hazel, filtered water, measuring spoon (¼ cup), cleaned 3 ounce spray bottle, tea tree oil, favorite essential oils, tiny crystals

Step 1: Gather All Your Materials.

Step 2: Measure ¼ Cup of Witch Hazel in the Measuring Spoon.

Step 3: Pour the Witch Hazel Into the Spray Bottle.

Step 4: Measure ¼ Cup of Filtered Water in the Measuring Spoon.

Step 5: Pour Filtered Water Into the Spray Bottle.

Step 6: Shake Well to Ensure the Liquid Mixes Completely.

Be sure to secure the top on tightly before you shake.

Step 7: Add 10 Drops of Tea Tree Oil to the Mixture.

Step 8: Add About 10-20 Drops of Your Favorite Essential Oils to the Mixture.

You can customize the amount of drops depending on your scent preference. I used peppermint oil, sweet orange oil, and lavender oil.

Step 9: Add Your Favorite Tiny Crystals.

Ensure that the crystals are small enough so you can remove them later.

Step 10: Shake Well.

Secure the top and shake well to mix the oils together. Spray this on your mat before and after your practice. Enjoy! Namaste.