Introduction: Yongnuo YN-300 Air PSU Build

This simply Instructable is to show you a Drop down buck converter can be used with a 12v PSU to power a Yongnuo YN-300 Air LED light.

I wanted a better light to record my videos under for my Youtube channel, so this Yongnou light looked like a good option for the price.

The light can be powered by a battery or external power supply, but I thought I would go straight for the power supply option as I dont want to keep having to charge batteries, and as I'm only really going to be using this in one place the power supply would also not be a problem.

Step 1: Things You Will Need to Build This

Obviously you will need the Yongnou YN-300 Air light, but the other bits you'll need are very simply.

  1. 12v 5amp+ PSU

  2. Drop down buck converter capable of dropping from 12v to 8v 5amp

  3. DC Power Plug 2.5 x 5.5mm Male

  4. Multimeter to read the voltage from the buck converter to get the required 8v

  5. Wire to connect the PSU to the buck and from the buck to the light

Below are links to ebay to get these bits:

Step 2: Wiring Up

All you simply need to do is connect 2 wires from the PSU to the drop down buck converter's input terminals.

Then 2 more wires from the output and solder them onto the DC power plug, remembering to put the back of the plug onto the cable before soldering it :)

Make sure you observe the polarity of all of the wires from the PSU to the buck converter and then onto the DC power plug. The center pin of the power plug needs to be positive.

Once this is done, use a multimeter to adjust the trims on the buck converter to get the required 8v.

The PSU that I'm using and have linked to in my Instructable has screw terminals for input and output, so you'll also need to connect 240v to it using these screw terminals. I've done this with an IEC power cable with the C13 plug cut off and the 3 wires connected to Live, Neutral and Earth on the PSU.

Then it should be a case of just plugging in the main plug and the DC power plug into the LED light and switching it all on.