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This was fun and easy to make. My son is always coming home with plastic rings from parties and school. We were starting to have so many that I was trying to think of how we could reuse them. When I saw the candy contest I figured right now would be a perfect time to use them. This Instructable is for the Yoshi and you can find the Instructable for mushroom ring pops on my homepage. Have fun!

What you need:
An extra plastic ring to cover
2 Apple or Watermelon Airhead candy or Green Laffy Taffy
2 candy eyes
2 more candy eyes or white mystery Airhead candy
3 triangle sprinkles- orangish color
2 chocolate sprinkles

Step 1: Mold Shapes

Mold one oval shape with your green candy. Then shape a circle with your green candy. Place the oval on top the recycled plastic ring, and smash the base to it to hold it on there. Then place the circle shape onto the oval and smash them a little to get them to stick.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

Then place the eyes on. The chocolate sprinkles for the nose, and triangle sprinkles for his back. Then for his cheeks take the other two eyes and place them upside down onto the side of his head, or you can shape to small circles out of the white mystery airhead candy and place them on the side of the face. Your Yoshi is ready to enjoy!!!!

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