Introduction: You and Your Feet: Proper Care

You and your feet they get walked on all day. Just like any thing else they need care with out that bad things can happen ... don't Google it. This instructable is all about how to care for your feet so they are silky smooth.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor if you do any of the stuff here and get hurt I am not responsible legally, financially, physically or in any other way.

Step 1: What You Need

To care for your feet you need supplies such as:

1.Toe Nail clippers like finger nail clippers but bigger

2. A pumice stone or a pedi perfect (I use a pedi perfect but I have very callus feet)

3. Foot lotion if your feet are dry and cracked

4. A nail brush to clean dirt and dry skin off of your feet

5. (not shown) A good foot scrub just look around on the internet there are tons of them

Step 2: Care of Foot

Now that we have all of our stuff together lets get started.

Find all the callus spots on your feet and sand at them with a wet pumice stone if you use a foot sander gently run it over the spots. Note:this is best done in the shower or a bath tub if your foot sander is not waterproof don't use it in the water.

If you use a foot scrub follow the instructions you find with the recipe on the internet. After that run the nail brush over your foot cleaning away the dead skin.

Last if you wish apply the lotion to your feet covering your whole foot.

Step 3: Triming Nails

See that picture above that's what happens when you don't trim your toe nails that and they tear off trust me its as bad as it sounds it happened to me.

The first step is the toenail clippers they need to be sharp for a clean cut once a pair of good sharp toenail clippers you can begin cutting your toenails as the picture shows straight across not down the sides and make sure your feet are dry when you do this.

Make small cuts do not cut your nails short stop when it hurts. Don't trim your cuticles. If you think it might hurt stop slow down and think.

Step 4: Thats All

Now i hope you are on your way to happy healthy clean feet.

P.S. this is my first instructable please no hate

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