Introduction: Cute Clothespin Art

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This project is quick and easy! It is a nice present for a loved one too. About anyone can do this project!

Step 1: Materials

You will need a clothes pin, glue bottle, scissors, paper, notecard and red, blue & black pens. (Glue sticks and Thin Sharpies work too)

Step 2: Envelope

Take your notecard, clothespin, and scissors and cut a small piece of the notecard about the size of mouth of the clothespin. You can use a pencil to help you mark where to cut.

Step 3: Envelope

Use your pens to draw the folds of an envelope on the piece of the notecard. Add as much detail as you want!

Step 4: Envelope

Cut the envelope (piece of the note card) in half the long way.

Step 5: Envelope

Use any kind of tape, and tape the ends of the clothespin together so the mouth of the clothespin is open. Sorry, I forgot to put tape in the materials.

Step 6: Envelope

Take your glue bottle and glue the top of the envelope to the top of the mouth of the clothes pin. Once your done with that, glue the bottom of the envelope to the bottom of the mouth of the clothespin. Let it dry for about 5-10 minutes.

Step 7: Envelope (Last Step)

Once that's dried, take all the tape off the clothes pin. Your clothes pin should shut and the envelope will look whole again.

Step 8: Detail

For this step you need to take one of your pens and write "you have a" on the top part of the clothespin where you would press to open the mouth. Then write "message" on the bottom part.

Step 9: The Message!

You will need to tape the ends again with any tape you have. Just like before!

Step 10: The Message!

You will need your paper, scissors, and of course clothespin. Cut a piece out of your paper that is the size of the end of your clothespin. Cut the piece of paper the size you want. You can use your pencil to help you, and also the pictures!

Step 11: The Message!

Write a message like "I love you" or "hello" anything you want! Then glue the message onto the back of your clothespin behind the envelope. Let dry for 5-10 minutes.

Step 12: The Message! (Last Step)

After that drys, take your tape off and make sure the message folds back, not in.

Step 13: Finished!

You're done! If you want you can give your clothespin to a loved one or you can keep it! I failed but I hope you did better.