Introduction: You Know What I Mean

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This instructable is to create the piece You Know What I Mean, a sculpture about the junction between language and objects through the experience of repetition, patterns and grouping, essential components in the process of language acquisition.

Materials needed:


1 sheet mdf, or other lasercuttable opaque material (at 1/8in)

4 sheets 1/8in clear acrylic

Tools needed:

laser cutter - (alternative cutting methods may be used)


Step 1: This Is the Laser Cutting File

In this file there are 5 layers. For layers "Freestyle" "3&4" "1&2" and "Sides" use a laser cutter or template to cut out of 1/8th clear acrylic. the black lines are cut lines, the red lines are etched for guidelines. The "color" layer can be cut out of any 1/8 opaque material, I used MDF that I later painted paynes grey in acrylic. For each material use the recommended setting for your laser cutter.

Step 2: Assembly

First glue the opaque material sticks and dots onto their engraved positions. The freestyle layer is intended to make your own pattern, grouping or model of repetition or interaction. The box fits together most easily if the bases are constructed vertically off of the side panel and the other side panel is glued in last. I used Zap a gap glue to assemble the parts, be careful though because it acts much like superglue and will fog the acrylic if it smudges.