Introduction: You Took My Heart Away, Easy Valentine's Day Card

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Lovely citizens of Instructables,

Can a Valentine's day gift be without a greeting card? Well May be. I don't know. But... I always like to give one or receive one..mmmm...may be it is a tradition, may be people just love greeting cards....LOL.

I made a greeting card after ages, I guess last card I made when I was in kindergarten (that was for my teacher :D). This greeting card is inspired by a movie, yes one of my favorite movie. Can you guess? Put it in the comment below, if you know the answer.

This card is so easy to make and it looks super cute, even kids can make it. It is fun.

Now..why such a title "You took my heart away", well see the card again :). And by the way it is also a lovely song from my favorite band MLTR :)

Let's begin the fun.

Step 1: Stuff Required

  1. Some Colorful craft papers. I used red, orange, pink, light pink and some scrap papers.
  2. An A3 size thick paper of color of your choice. I chose Olive.
  3. A sharp scissor.
  4. A heart shaped craft punch, about 1inch size.
  5. A glue stick.
  6. A ruler.
  7. Access to a laser or inkjet printer (Not in picture).
  8. A black marker pen

See attached file hearts.docx for

  1. A big heart image.
  2. Small hearts template, you can take printout and cut using scissors if you don't have a craft punch. Craft punch is certainly easier.
  3. Lyrics of song "You took my heart away". For inside of the card. You can use your favorite song.

Step 2: Have a Big Heart

  1. Fold A3 sheet into half to form an empty greeting card.
  2. Take a printout of hearts.docx on red craft paper.
  3. Cut the heart shape using scissor.

Step 3: Little Hearts

Using the heart shaped craft punch, make several hearts of red, orange, pink and light pink paper (you can use your own choice of colors)

Step 4: Stick (to) Your Big Heart

See images and follow

  1. Apply glue using glue stick at the back of big red heart cutout and paste it in the lower left corner of the heart tilted at 45 degrees.
  2. Draw several diagonal lines of varying lengths using ruler & marker pen starting from the top of heart. This will be the strings of the heart balloons, so spread them wider.

OPTIONAL : Put little hearts on top to make a test arrangement

Step 5: Giving Your Big Heart Wings to Fly

See pictures above and follow:

  1. Apply a dash of glue using glue stick at the back of small heart and paste it to form a curve.
  2. Keep gluing hearts of different colors to form a curve. TIP: Don't mix light colored heart shapes close to each other.
  3. As you glue the hearts downwards, narrow the curve by pasting less hearts.
  4. Stop when the hearts completely hides ends of all the lines.

NOTE: Did you notice the tiny flowers on the card? I had some other craft punches, so I used them to decorate the card a bit. Get creative here :)

NOTE: If you have access to a electronic cutter, you may write a lovely message here using colored paper. My handwriting is not so good & I don't have an e-cutter, so I left that to your imagination :))

Congratulations!! Your valentine's day greeting card is ready.

Next step if optional.

Step 6: It's Only Words and Words Are All I Have

If you want, take a printout of your favorite love song on a colored paper that describes your feelings for your valentine. Cut the printout and stick it inside the card.

If you don't know which song to choose, print the song "you took my heart away" from the attached file hearts.docx.

It is a pretty touching song :).

Hope you like this greeting card. Please do share your comments, feedback and suggestions.

You are awesome :)

Stay Tuned

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