Young Michael Myers Halloween Prop

Introduction: Young Michael Myers Halloween Prop

This is the perfect prop to creep out your visitors.


PVC Pipes and joints- T's, 4'ways, Elbows. (I used 1/2")

PVC Glue

Plaster of Paris

Child's Clown Costume and Mask

Child's shoes

Wig form

Pillow or Doll Stuffing


Step 1: Base- Feet

Start with his feet.

You want a 90 degree elbow and a section of pipe the size of the shoes.

Mix the plaster according to the package.

Place pipe section in the shoe and fill with plaster.

Be careful not let plaster rise to far into the pipe that the leg pipes will not fit.

Step 2: Body

Next build the body shape.

This will be a trial and error to get the pose you are wanting. I wanted him to hold a knife so I used one 90 degree elbow for one arm and one 45 degree elbow for the other.

Step 3:

Finish up by dressing your pipe body and stuffing to fill out the shape of the costume.

Attach the wig form and mask.

If you want him to hold a plastic knife you'll need to sew some fingers of one glove or glue the knife in place.

Thanks for checking it out!!!

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