Your Baby Is Under Control With Linino




Introduction: Your Baby Is Under Control With Linino

We imagined a system for controlling the sleep of an infant, through the use of a number of sensors that now describe.

A flex sensor place in the cradle, monitors the movements and an sound sensor measures the intensity of the cries. Everything is kept under control from a web page which will alert us with a sound or video messages.

Step 1: What to Use:

Step 2: Coding

Javascript file only used to create the server, all the various functions to interface with the sensors are HTML side.

Install the module node-static to create the server.

Javascript file:

var linino = require('ideino-linino-lib'),
    board = new linino.Board(),
    html = new linino.Htmlboard();
var static = require('node-static');
var file = new static.Server('./');
board.connect(function() {
    require('http').createServer(function(request, response) {
        request.addListener('end', function() {
            file.serve(request, response);

HTML file:

NB. You should substitute the IP address in the example with that of your board.

Step 3: Fritzing Sketch

Connect the Flex Sensor to pin A0 and the Sound Sensor to pin A1.

Step 4: Conclusions

Now, through a Web page, you can keep an eye on the situation. The bars are colored red, exceeded a certain value and an alarm will be started.

Run app.js, connected to the address of your board (eg and click on Start.

Your Baby is under control!

Step 5: About Linino

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