Introduction: Your First Arduino Robot (Very Easy) :-)

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Hlo friends !!!!!!

This is my new instructables

In above photo it's just rough assembly of the robot

I will guide you that how to make your first Robot with Arduino very easy

Step by Step

So lets gather all necessary parts

Step 1: Gathering the Material

These are some necessary parts

Here i use

An Arduino mega (you can use any other Arduino )

An Ultrasonic sensor

Two DC Motors

A l293d Dual H-bridge motor driver

Step 2: Making the Base

Actually you can use anything to make base

i have use a old car audio system's box

but u can even use a cardboard

Step 3: Attaching the Motor With H-Bridge

Solder Both the motors

And then connect Both the motors with H-BRIDGE

Step 4: Completing the Motor Assembly

Attach both the motors with superglue

as u can see that i have use two other motor shells without ( without Motors)

so now lets move to top of the robot

Step 5: Let's Move on to the Arduino

Assemble Arduino with the help of Zip tie

Step 6: Assembling the Ultrasonic Sensor

Take a plastic piece and then cut it into a mount for the sensor as shoen in the picture.

And then put it on the robot base.

Step 7: Completing the Wiring

Connect Ultrasonic sensor's ground to the Arduino. Ground

VCC to VCC ECHO to the pin 10 and

TRIGGER to the pin to 2

MOTOR 1 to pin 3,5

MOTOR 2 to pin 6,9

Step 8: Its Time to Code

Step 9: Have Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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