Introduction: Your Own Star

A temporary star to call yours.


1 - 200g Balloon filled With HELIUM - $ 20,00

2 - A ULTRABRIGHT Flashlight - $ 11,00

3 - Take Pictures to document


I did not have time to participate in this space contest, but I'm sending the idea with the costs to make it work. I hope you like the idea. Thank you so much.

Step 1: Step 1: Fill a 200g Balloon With HELIUM

Ask to your local party store to fill it for you

Step 2: 2 - Place the High Intensity Flashlight on It

make sure that you tied your flashlight tightly, and that you used a strong line as Jute, Rope string ...

Step 3: Step 3: Wait for a Clear Night Sky

Wait for a clear night sky so you can photograph your star.

Light Up the FlashLight and release your ballon on an open field.

Wait some Minutes

Take pictures and DOCUMENT you're stratosphere temporary Star

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