Introduction: Your Personal Mini Instructable Robot Cuddly

I have been making teddy bears for a while. I decided to try a instructable robot now. He is a bit too thin, I have to admitt. Next try I would make the belly wider. But for the first try I think he is quite cute :o)

He has some steel granulate inside the hands, foot and butt, so he is able to sit on the monitor.

Step 1: Tools and Material

To make your own little robot you will need:


  • Needle for sewing
  • Eye needle from doll making
  • Plier
  • Pfriem (I really do not know the englisch word for that)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tool to press eyelets
  • Pattern (see image)


  • Yellow fabric
  • gray fabric
  • some red and black felt
  • yarn in matching color (gray and yellow)
  • embroidery thread inblack and red
  • Cardboard and metal washer as well as matching splint
  • Cotton stuffing material
  • Steel or rubber granulate
  • Eyelets, buttons and other decorating stuff
  • Maybe test eyes, if you want to try different eye positions

To make the robot you just mainly need to follow the images.

Step 2: Transfer to Fabric and Cutting of Peaces

Transfer all parts tp fabric. The number of pieces you need is marked on the piece. All parts are WITHOUT seam allowance. Pleas add seam allowance around all pieces. Use a light marker. I used a black one to get more contrast on the photos. Do not do so!

Step 3: The Basic Head

Sew head together usind the images. Stuff it and close the opening.

Step 4: Head Embroidery

Embroider the face using felt as template.

Step 5: The Legs

Sew together the yellow leg first. Afterwards make the foot. Attach parts.

Step 6: The Body

Close the tuck of the sides of the body. Attach the bottom sewing the legs right in place. Sew together both sides afterwards. By doing so you leave enough room while sewing the legs between bottom and body. Leave a opening. Attach the head.Turn body and put the fine tights with the steel inside the butt. Stuff lightly and close body.

Step 7: The Arms

Sew gray parts at arm. Close the sides leaving an open for turning. Sew in the round hand part. Turn the arm. Put some steel granualte in the hands, stuff lightly and close the opening. Embroider the fingers. Attach arms to body.

Step 8: Finishing the Robot

Do some last embroidery at the body. Use some silver wire to make antennas.

Tadaaa - finished!

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