Your Very Own Pikachu Headband!

Introduction: Your Very Own Pikachu Headband!

The purpose of this how-to is to learn how to create Pikachu ears in order to create one for a Halloween costume or a convention.

Step 1: What You Will Need!

A piece of bright yellow felt
A fabric marker
A pair of scissors
Pipe cleaners(Optional)
Cotton or stuffing
A hot glue gun or super glue/fabric glue.
Acrylic Black paint
1 Paintbrush

Step 2: Create a Template for the Ears Such As the One Shown Below

Step 3: Utilize the Template to Trace It Over the Yellow Felt Twice and Cutting Them Out.

Caution:  Do not use a pencil or pen, it will not display on the felt. If you are utilizing fleece instead of felt, it is best to use a fabric marker.
Troubleshoot: May want to have multiple pieces of felt in case of mistakes due to shaky hands.

Step 4: Cut the Pieces Out of the Felt.

Step 5: Creating a "hollow Tube"

4. Glue the smaller end of the felt in order to make a point.
5. Place a dab of glue in the middle of the top and fold a corner on it.
6. Add another dab of glue on top the fold end and fold the other corner on it.
7. Glue along the bottom edge in order to create a "hollow tube".
Caution: Be careful when using the hot glue gun during this step in order to avoid being burned.
Hint: Take your time doing this step as it in complex. Start at the top of the ear and make your way down.
Troubleshoot: If purchased multiple sheets of felt (29 cents a sheet), you can practice multiple times without stressing and get used to the hot glue gun on the felt as well as the tubing of the felt.

Step 6: Next, Stuff the Ears.

Utilize either the cotton balls/stuffing and guide it down all the way down to the tip. Keep adding stuffing by pressing it down with a pen or pencil.

Caution: Check for consistency in the ear. DO NOT PACK THEM TOO TIGHTLY. You do not want the ear too stuffed. You will be adding pipe cleaner in order to create a structure to the ears.

Step 7: Add the Pipe Cleaner Along the Seam All the Way to the Tip

Seal the end of the ear by dabbing a drop of glue on each side of the pipe cleaner and closing in the edges. (Should look similar to the image below)
Troubleshoot: Attempt to make each ear as similar as the other.

Step 8: Cut Out Two Strips of Yellow Felt

this will be used in order to cover the headband.

Step 9: Covering the Headband

Line up your felt along one side of the headband, keeping it centered. Add the hot glue on the inside of the headband, and attached the felt to the inside. Continue the process for the entire headband.
Caution: Do not worry about the seams overlapping as the ears will most likely cover them.

Step 10: Adding the Ears

15. Position the ears by overlapping the pipe cleaners over the headband.
Troubleshoot: You will be gluing them to the headband in the upcoming steps. Look in the mirror to check the positioning of the ears before doing so.
16. Once positioned correctly, the underneath of the ear to the headband.
Caution: You may want to add more glue to the back to secure the ears to the headband.
17. Repeat the same process to the other ear.

Step 11: Adding Final Details

18. Utilize your scissors to cut the remainder pipe cleaner.
19. Use your marker to draw the guidelines of the tip of Pikachu’s ears.
Troubleshoot: Draw them with pencil before drawing them with the marker in order to know where the boundaries of the tips are and how it looks. 

Step 12: Finally!

20. Next, mix your acrylic black paint with water and paint the tips of your ears.
21. Let it dry and you should have completed your Pikachu ears:

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