Introduction: You're Just a Laptop Away!

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With the advancement in Technology, we deposit our savings in an account. But for the little hacks, our house is the place to look for. For this, one doesn’t have to perform any DIY task. Nowadays, every household has a laptop and it proved to be efficient in hiding my money: trust me its safe and secure!

Step 1: Flip Your Laptop to the Rear Side.

Once you get access to the rear side of your laptop, you will find a rectangular slot for your battery. Just slide the lock of the battery.

Step 2: Fold Your Bills/cash or Any Important Paper.

After sliding the lock, remove the battery and place it aside. Now, fold the cash/bills longitudinally such that it can be placed inside the battery slot easily.

Step 3: Closing the Slot.

After hiding the cash, place the battery back in its slot and close it. Voila, it's done and your money is safe and sound and within your reach without creating any ruckus.

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