Introduction: You're a Star!

Apparently we are all made from star dust billions of years old.

Anyway, You can make your own star using some aluminum from a disposable aluminum tray. Add in a blue disc so the star points remain safe and looks great.


Disposable aluminum BBQ tray

Blue card

card for star template


Drawing Compass

Hot Glue gun

Ball point pen



Step 1: Make a Star Template

Making a cardboard template enables each new aluminum star to be made quite quickly. The template was drawn on paper and then transferred to card but if could of been done directly on card. A compass was used to draw a circle and then to divide the circumference into 5 cords. Each being a point of the star.

The distance between each of the cords (length on a circumference) then divided in half by drawing an arch with the compass each side of the cord where they crossed in half way and a line was drawn down to the circles center (See last photo above).

Step 2: Template Continued

On the each of the lines radiating out from the center, make a mark for the inner angle of each star arm. Draw the star between the marks previously made,. (see photo).

A small hole is made in the center of the circle so it can be marked when the template is used.

Transfer the paper template to card. Make a hole in the center too. With a sharpie (felt tip pen). Use the template to draw a star on aluminum from a disposable tray. Mark the center.

Step 3:

  1. The inner lines of the star was marked off. This is probably unnecessary as a ball point pen is then used to make the creases.
  2. Use a ball point pen to make the small creases on the top side of the star.
  3. Cut out the star using scissors.
  4. Turn the star over and make the other longer creases.

Step 4: Shape the Star

Clean the felt tip lines off the aluminum (I used some mentholated spirits). Shape the aluminum into a 3D star. The tips will go forward a little. Cut out a disc from the blue card and glue the star to it using a hot glue gun.

Step 5: Make Another Star

Using the cardboard template, make another star. I found I didn't need to draw the inner lines with the sharpie, once the center had been marked as the creases can be drawn/made using the ball point pen and ruler.

Once the second star has been made, glue it to the other side of the blue disc using the hot glue gun.

Your star is now complete.

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