Introduction: You've Been Egged!!!

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Last year around this time my family and I came home to find a sign on our door. It was a bright pink sign that said in large bold letters You've Been Egged!!!. After an initial few seconds of confusion in which I recalled days in my youth cleaning off our front door of foul smelling gunk with bits of shell mixed in for flavor I realized that I had never needed a sign to tell me what had happened. About that time my oldest son spotted a bright colored object in the grass about ten feet away. It looked like a plastic egg. As he ran to it with the curiosity that only a little boy can muster, I took a closer look at the sign.

Step 1: The Sign

The sign read as above though this is not the exact layout of the original sign. A quick search online found this one and many others. The sign can be anything you want although I do recommend putting the number of hidden eggs on it somewhere. My boys spent 45 minutes(there were two very tricky ones) looking for the eggs and man, did they have fun. But it helped a lot to know when to stop.

Step 2: Paying Back or Paying It Forward.

This year we plan to pay it back to the original eggers and find some new "victims" in our neighborhood. The things you can give are only limited to what you can fit in an egg. Or almost fit as seen above. Try to mix it up. We are using coins, candy, seeds or plant bulbs, coupons for services we will render(i.e. babysitting, beer runs, etc.). The original eggers are about to have a baby so I'm thinking we can roll up some newborn diapers to fit. We shall see.

Step 3: So You Want to Be an Egger Ninja...

What you will need....

Plastic eggs

Fun items to stuff in to eggs

Knowledge of the "victims" schedule

Well, egging is all about surprise. So be as stealthy as you can while carrying around a basket full of neon colored eggs. You might even want to disguise a few smoke bombs as eggs in your basket for quick get aways.True Egger ninjas have been known to pull off an egging when the "victims" are at home. That being said the newbie egger ninja should wait until the victims are out of the house.

Step 4: Have Fun!!!

Speaking from experience, being egged really puts a smile on your face. You may want to add who you are to the sign so you can get that phone call later and see how your victims handled being egged.

I'm entering into the egg challenge so please vote.



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