Introduction: Yummy Champagne Eyes

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I am often inspired by food/drinks when it comes to makeup. This is probably my most popular look, based off my views on my account. As the title suggests, this look was inspired by champagne!

Something warm, bubbly, and classy.

It's a great everyday look but also looks classy with a black or red dress. This is a good first date look. Also a look I wear to work meetings or family gatherings.

It's easy, it's simple, I just love it<3

Let's get yummy and classy!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

  1. An eye primer. This prevents/reduces creasing of the makeup and helps it stay longer.
  2. A creamy off-white base powder eyeshadow.
  3. A warm medium brown powder eyeshadow.
  4. A dark brown powder eyeshadow.
  5. A shimmery cream eyeshadow, whatever reminds you of champagne most.
  6. A black eyeliner. Cream, pencil, liquid, or gel is okay.
  7. Mascara (Optional)
  8. Paddle brush.
  9. Short eyeshadow brush.
  10. Long blending brush.
  11. Tapered blending brush.
  12. Angled eyeliner brush (If using cream eyeliner)

Products I'm using:

  1. Soft Ochre paint pot by MAC
  2. Blanc Type eyeshadow by MAC
  3. Uninterrupted eyeshadow by MAC
  4. Embark eyeshadow by MAC
  5. Warm Beige Aqua waterproof cream eyeshadow by Make Up For Ever
  6. Aqua Black waterproof cream eyeshadow by Make Up For Ever
  7. Rocket Volum' Express waterproof mascara by Mayballine
  8. Brush #195 by MAC
  9. Brush #239 by MAC and a brush from the 12 piece Classic Brush set from BH Cosmetics.
  10. Brush #217 by MAC
  11. Brush #224 by MAC
  12. Brush from the 12 piece Classic Brush set from BH Cosmetics.

Step 2: Primer

Prime your eyes with an eye primer or cream eyeshadow. I use my paddle brush to do this but you can also use a shading brush.

I use Soft Ochre paint pot by MAC for my primer. It's technically just a cream eyeshadow but it works better than any eye primer that I've tried. Keeps my makeup on and crease free all day long! Never have to touch up as long as I prime with this or Painterly paint pot by MAC.

Prime your entire eyelid, between the lid and brow bone, and just under your eye as well. All the places we will be putting pigment (eyeshadow) on later.

Step 3: Base Color

Apply your base color which should be an off-white color with a warm undertone. I'm using Blanc Type eyeshadow by MAC for this. My brush is #239 by MAC

Apply on your lid and under your eye where you placed primer before.

Step 4: Crease

Apply your warm brown color to your crease. I'm using Uninterrupted eyeshadow by MAC on my #217 blending brush by MAC.

Gently push the tip of the brush into your crease, which is the part of your eye between your eyeball and your brow bone where your lid folds over to make a line.

Go back and forth in a windshield wiper motion to apply evenly over your entire crease. Add a thin line under your eye as well.

Step 5: Outer Crease

Apply your dark brown color to your outer crease. I am using Embark eyeshadow by MAC on the same #217 MAC brush I used for my warm brown color int he step before.

You're going to apply this in the same spot as the previous step but only the outer part of your crease. When I say outer, I'm referring to the side of your eye closest to your ear.

Do the same windshield wiper motion but stopping at the half way point in your cease. Apply under your eye, on the outer half as well.

Step 6: Lid

Apply your primer to your lid again, over the two browns we just applied using the paddle brush from your primer.

You should only apply this to the ball of your eye, which is the round part of your eye lid where your eyeball rests just underneath. Do not breach your crease with this pigment. When your eye is open, the light color of your primer shouldn't breach your crease, meaning the top part of the fold on your eye should be our light to dark brown gradient, and the bottom part should be the color of your primer.

Step 7: Shimmer

Apply your shimmer with a clean paddle brush or short blending brush. I'm using Warm Beige cream shadow by Make Up For Ever on my blending brush from my 12 piece Classic Brush Set from BH Cosmetics.

Use a dabbing motion to apply this for optimal shimmer.

Again, apply this to the ball of your eye but this time, you don't have to go all the way into the outer part of your eye (the part closest to your ear). This will give you a nice blended look and give a gentle gradient from the shimmer to the dark brown.

Ensure you get all the way into the inner part of your eyelid. (The part closest to your nose)

Step 8: Highlight

Take the base color we used before, or an eyeshadow/concealer that is lighter than your natural skin tone, and apply under your eyebrow, on top of your brow bone. Gently apply/blend this down to meet the brown of your crease. Don't overlap them too much but just enough to allow them to blend together.

I'm using my #239 brush by MAC

Step 9: Eyeliner

Take your black eyeliner and apply a thin line on your lid.

Apply a super thin line under the outer half of your eye as well. I use a light dabbing motion to apply under my eye, instead of a wiping motion.

Take your blending brush and blend the eyeliner under your eye just a little bit so the line isn't harsh.

Step 10: Blend

Take your tapered blending brush and use the windshield wiper motion all over your eye to get any loose pigment and blend it all together. Do this until your colors blend seamlessly on your brow bone.

I'm using my tapered brush #224 by MAC.

Curl your lashes and add mascara and/or false eyelashes at this time, if you wish to do so.

Step 11: All Done!

Complete your usual skin regimen now and dress your look up with a nice lip!

This eye makeup looks great with a nude, light pink, or red lip.

See photos for lip products used.

This look makes me want a nice glass of champagne!

Hope you enjoy your classic look<3

Stay beautiful,

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