Nutella Fruit Sandwich

Introduction: Nutella Fruit Sandwich

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This is a healthy yummy snack. If you are looking for a fun and sure shot hit sandwich that is healthy/ yummy/versatile and quick you must try this simple 3 minutes recipe. It makes for great desert and kids lunch. My kids take it to school atleast twice a week..cant beat that

Step 1: Ingredients

1) Organic Apple- half or Organic Strawberry-3 medium size

2) Banana-half

3) Hazelnut spread -like Nutella - One table spoon or as needed

4) Chia Seed-once table spoon or to your taste

5) Sprouted whole grain bread.

Step 2: 3 Minute Sandwich

1) Remove the edges from the bread side. Leave them if u like it with the sides.

2) Spread the hazelnut spread on both the bread

3) Sprinkle one bread with One table spoon of chia seed.

4) Layer it with sliced banana

5) Add another layer of peeled sliced apple on the banana

6) Top it with the other bread

Step 3: Serve It

Your can cut it into bite size or leave it as is.

Also Apple can be replaced with Kiwi and Strawberry.

This makes for a quick desert and amazing lunch for school, office and picnic.

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