Introduction: Yummy, Easy Lemonade!

This is just my version of the legendary lemonade. This is a simple method for lazy people who want something that tastes good fast =)
Dont go too hard on me, tis my first Instructable.

Stuff you need

-Lemons, two or three big ones should be fine
-sharp knife
-A cup for the sugar
-A small bowl for the lemon juice
-Lemon squeezer thing (optional)

Step 1: Slice and Squeeze

Wash the lemons, slice them in half, then get working with the lemon squeezer thing.
Just push and twist, and make sure you dont waste any valuable juice.
You dont need to have one, you could just do it by hand.

Step 2: Sugar!

Pour some sugar into the sugar cup - just under a quarter of the jug you're using.
Fill the cup to the sugarline with water, stir it a little, then pop it in the microwave for a minute.
When thats done, stir it a bit more and put it in for another minute. Then stir it till the granules are gone.

Step 3: Mix It All Up

Just mix up the sugar and the lemon juice in the jug, fill it to the brim with cold water, and give it a good stir. Drop in a few ice cubes.

Wallah, you have your delicious lemonade.

[optional] pop it in the fridge for a while for best results.