Introduction: Yummy Mac & Cheese

This mac & cheese is a yummy family favorite in my family. it is tasty and cheesy. I love it because of the good flavor and i hope you like it to. (p.s. the camera i used to take the pictures doesnt have great color, so sorry about that!)

Step 1: The Sauce

the sauce consists of 5 big mushrooms, half an onion, some half and half, and also , the cheese. (i use about a small brick of cheddar) first you have to saute the onion and mushroom, (first cut it up!) and cook till nicely sauted. cook on med for about 5-10 min. dice onion and slice mushroom.

Step 2: Adding the Cheese to the Sauce

after the veggies, you need to add the cheese and half and half, if you want you can add a spoonful of flour. but stir the sauce until nice and creamy. (cook on med-high for about 6 min)

Step 3: Making the Pasta

the pasta i used to make it was one box of barrilla elbows, cook it the instructed time and strain and get ready for goodness!

Step 4: Adding the Sauce to the Pasta

now heres the best part! after everythings ready, you need to add the sauce to the pasta! cool, serve, enjoy! also if you want, you can put the mac & cheese once its all mixed into the oven for 10-15 min.

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