Introduction: Z80-mbc2 Z80 Code Examples

I have published some examples for the z80-mbc2. The main reason is they can be used to test the various LED's and ports on the z80-mbc2.

So, if like me, you have just built one of these and want to be able to test the ports and LED's etc. Try these:



examples from

Step 1: Compiling the Programs

You need to obtain a copy of (from many cp/m download sites)

Then use cpmtools to copy the .z80 source files to one of your virtual disks

Also copy the file to the same drive.

Then boot your z80-mbc2, switch to the disk you copied the files to snd compile the programs:

  1. f:
  2. z80asm led

This will result in a program file, repeat for the others and your done.