Introduction: ZT465 Knex Assult Pistol

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true trigger and magazine included.
First tho' I would advise yhat you have already built a few other guns of your own before you build this one.

guns you should build:
Im only saying this so you get a feel first of all the guns

you will need:

3 yellow
14 white
6 blue
15 green

12 dark grey
7 yellow
4 orange
11 green
2 white
4 light grey

2 blue spacers
12 hubcaps(tan clip connectors)

Step 1: Barrel

make the following this will be the barrel follow the instructions just as I am showing you here.

pic 1:make this

pic 2:add this

Step 2: Handle 'n' Trigger

make the following

pic 1:make this remember to look at the other pictures too.

pic 2:the picture from the side view.

pic 3:add this bit.

pic 4:this is the actual trigger you will end up pulling.

pic 5:make this its pretty simple.

pic 6:now add it on.

Step 3: Extended Barrel 'n' Ram

the barrel and extended ram.

pic 1:ram(left) and the extended barrel(right).

*important note*
just 'cos I say "extended barrel" it still means you have to build it.

pic 2:insert the ram in the barrel.

pic 3:put the extended barrel on the front end of the barrel.

Step 4: Asembelly 'n' Elastic Bands

but it all together

pic 1:put the handle on the end of the barrel(sry the elastic bands are there theyre not meant to be.

pic 2: attach the other end of the trigger like so.

pic 3:sorry the pic is blurry its quiete a shame because this is the most important part of all you need o adjust this quite a lot for the gun to work that is why I said to make a few other guns first. If it doesent work private message me or leave a message on my orange board.

pic 4:This is important to. the elastic band here need to look like I am showing you because the gun isnt meant for to much strength altho' it does need a bit to work.

Step 5: Loading 'n' Shooting

To cock the gun just pull back the ram. if the trigger part doesent get in the way make sure you reapeat step 4 or that your hand is'nt in the way.
once youve completed that give the trigger a sharp jerk,and, if your lucky, the ram should fly forward again.

Ammo type:

1.suprisingly the best ammo is a yellow rod with a red connector on the end.

2.5 green rods just open the magazine and insert them in.

thanks for making