"ZURG VADER" Cosplay

Introduction: "ZURG VADER" Cosplay

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This is My Daughter's ZURG VADER COSTUME that I made for her, Inspirational movie of TOY STORY and STAR WARS.

Step 1: The Office Trash Can

I started of with a Office Trash Can. I freehand the eyes and mouth with a marker were I was going to cut with a Dremel I Also cut off the top head in a 45* so I could add the grey Foam Mat peace in front of the head I used hot glue to put it together, the nose I used the same thing grey foam Mat. use hot glue to put it together.

Step 2: The Horn

for the horn I use a Viking helmet costume prop toy the mouth I used Plastic canvas.

Step 3: Dark Color

Painted with Black Spray Paint the mouth part that has black line is like fabric string lace very thin.

Step 4: The Suit Up

Made the suit off the grey foam mat wanted to look more like Darth Vader's.

Step 5: The Final Add On

To complete my Zurg Vader costume there were some things we had around our house Like black pants, black long sleeve shirt , black rain boots and a black cape.

Step 6: Zurg Vader Upclose

More photos of ZURG VADER

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    Question 4 years ago on Step 3

    Hi, I had a question what did you do for the eyes?