Introduction: Zardoz Plus Gravity

The motion picture has only one flaw. The head can't possibly fly. Here is the proof.

Step 1: Propulsion

First step is to select a propulsion system. No expense was spared in this sub $25 quadcopter.

Step 2: Super Structure

The quadcopter is modified to hold a super structure. Carbon fiber rods are placed along the rotor support arms. Other rods are connected support ends with hot glue and wire ties.

Step 3: Cage Match

Once cross members are connected, hoops are formed over the quadcopter. On top of the hoops, a mesh is attached. All looked fine however, balancing this setup was difficult. The resulting structure did not fly.

Step 4: Face of Zardoz

An excellent cutout and fold template was found at:

All mask credit to the link!!!

With the template, a mask is made.

Step 5: Guns, No Butter

For weapons, a lot of gun toys for small action figures were ordered but none arrived in time. So, instead a few weapon outlines were found on the web and used to cut clear acrylic samples. These were then painted to show up.

Step 6: Attach Face

Since the hoops and netting didn't work earlier, a simple balsa wood frame was employed to support the face.

Step 7: Almost There

The face is completed with eye color and a mouth mechanism. The mouth close up shows a simple fold tube. The back end of the tube has a stick attached that will move the back end up upon setting on a surface and spill the guns.

Step 8: All Hail the Fails All Here

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