Introduction: Zebra Ears

This instructables will show you how to make a Zebra ear headband

Step 1: You Will Need

- Headband

- Toilet roll tube

- Black paper (I used sticky back)

- White paper (I used white adhesive labels)

- Glue Gun

-Cello tape

- PVA or pritt stick (if you are using paper and not sticky back and adhesive labels)

- Pink pencil crayon (or pink paper)

Step 2: Step 1 - General Shape

Cut your toilet role tube diagonally in half, leaving a couple of centimetres at either end. I found that the ears seemed a bit big, so I cut the tubes down the centre and cello taped them smaller together, then recut the ear shape. Before cello taping, flatten out the tubes a little and make a rough outline onto your black paper to make covering the ears easier.

Step 3: Placement

Next, flatten the ears and place them on the headband to get an idea of where you want them to go. I drew a little mark so I'd have a guide to go off when glueing.

Step 4: Cover the Ears

Using the rough guide you made earlier cut the ears and then glue them into place, it's ok is this is a little messy as you will be sticking white stripes over the top.

Step 5: Attaching to the Headband

Using the marks made earlier, use your glue gun to attach the ears to the headband.

Step 6: Covering in White Stripes

Cut lots of wavy thin shapes of varying lengths and widths out of white paper (or in my case adhesive label) and stick it to the back and front of the ear, leaving the inside blank. Using white paper or adhesive labels, cut a piece that is a centimetre or so smaller all the way round than the inside of the ears. Colour this pink, and stick on the inside. (I forgot to take a picture of this step.)

And you now have yourself a pair of zebra ears, add zebra clothing and you are good to go!

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