Zebulon , Musician Automaton

Introduction: Zebulon , Musician Automaton

Hi ,

my name is JC and I build little toys or home brew video games sometimes at home (under the name "Salem Games").
I'm a newbie in electronic and i decided to try to learn Arduino and some programming language like Processing since few times ago. I would like to introduce to you a little toy I' ve created. It's called "Zebulon".
Zebulon is a little automaton, a little robot that plays music by knocking on metal blades.
You can follow abd support this project on the fan facebook page if you like it.

There's two ways to play with Zebulon.
The first is that you let Zebulon play automatically and randomly as you can see here "(°-°)"

The second way : You can control Zebulon with a 3D interface I'm working on. This were my first steps on this project (in August)

Every time you click on the right button, Zebulon plays the corresponding tone. It's a sort of 3D remote control.

For now there's 2 different models of Zebulon.
On pink and one blue.
The second one is a blue model more complex. I enhanced the mechanical parts to have a better sound.
I will make a video of demo soon as i get the time.
So thank you for reading me.
Have a nice day.

JC Deyagere / Salem games.

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