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Introduction: Zelda Ocarina of Time Hyrule World Map Diorama

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I made a diorama of the world map from Zelda OoT for under £5 within a week.

Step 1: The Main Grounds

I used 6 blocks of dry gardeners foam which measure at 230 x 110 x 80mm and stuck them to a piece of cardboard for the base. I cut the depth down to half and roughly etched in the map from a reference picture and carved them out using a Stanley blade, sand paper and a soldering iron. After I did that I covered it in a layer of PVA glue to make it more sturdy and easier to paint. I was limited by piece of cardboard I had so Gerudo Dessert suffered for it a bit also the area around the castle. I could've made it look better by making smaller but I kinda rushed it.

Step 2: Adding the Details

After the glue dried I painted it with acrylic paint and made the buildings and little details out of bits of foam. I used twigs for the tree house and clay to make the statue in the dessert and I made the Great Deku Tree by making the trunk out of clay and sanding down a lump of foam to half a ball and stuck it to the trunk. I then dusted the grassy areas and trees with fake diorama grass.

Step 3: Castle Town

I finished of by making castle town from bits of foam, painting them with acrylic and later making a small drawbridge from a lollipop stick.

Step 4: Different Areas

Here's a view of the areas around the map.

Step 5: Finished

I finished it off by printing of picture of Hyrule and a scroll that I stuck to the base along with a layer of fake grass. I rushed this quite a bit so a lot of areas suffered but it looks fine if you don' inspect it with a magnifying glass, overall I'm pretty happy with it and it cost under £5 to make but I may make another one in the future. I have other projects posted too! Like my OoT wooden Hylian shield and my LTTP map diorama and a Soul Eater scythe. I'd love to read any comments you have down below.

I have Deviantart page which I regularly post art to and my other projects which you can check out here: http://ant-richards.deviantart.com/

And a Twitter if you wanna follow me there: https://twitter.com/_Ant_Richards

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