Introduction: Zentangle

Zentangle Design

BTW... I got this idea off Pinterest. :)

This is really easy art. You can do this for your spare time and if your bored too. And the metal thing is the compass. Also the circles don't have to be the same size. It will look nice also. :)

Step 1: Supplies:

  • paper {sketchbook}
  • a writing tool
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • a compass or something to make circles
  • a black colored pencil, marker pen, etc

Step 2: Draw Circles.

Place your mug, cup, bowl, compass, duct tape roll, or anything that is round on the paper and draw around the circle. TOO MANY CIRCLES LOOKS LIKE A MESS & EVENTUALLY IT WILL LOOK NICER WITH A MEDIUM AMOUNT OF CIRCLES. Like the very top image, that is how many circles there are supposed to be. But this is my opinion, you can draw as many circles as you'd like.Also no too many circles either.

Step 3: Draw Designs, But Not the Same Design More Than Twice.

You can use the same designs I have used or you can find some ideas on Pinterest , instructables, google images search, or something else you know. :P Like a different website.

Step 4: You Can Use Colored Pencils If You Want to Color It, or Use Them to Make the Designs.

Step 5: And Your Result Will Look Something Like This. :)

Good luck. Hopefully this was fun for you. :)

Step 6: Good Luck... :)