Introduction: Zero Clearance Router Fence

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Do you have a router table and small end cuts become sketchy when using the fence or do you have a lot of chipping when running the wood through. Well a zero clearance router fence is for you. Check out the steps below or check out my YouTube channel for an easy DIY solution.

Step 1: Gather Materials

  • Router Table
  • Router
  • Router Bit “Of Your Liking”
  • 1/2” Plywood
  • Drill
  • 5/8” Spade Bit or Forstner Bit
  • 3/8” Drill Bit

Step 2: Removale of Old Fence

First remove the old router table fence. Save bolts for use with newer fence.

Step 3: Cutting Wood

Cut a piece of plywood 1/2" thick 24” long and 4” tall.

Step 4: Marking Holes

Place the newly cut piece of wood where the original fence used to set and draw where the holes need to be from the original bolt holes.

Step 5: Drilling the Holes

Next figure out the width and depth of the holes by looking at the original bolts that will be used. Then drill the holes and counter sink them. My bolt had a head f a little less than 5/8” so I used a 5/8” spade bit and drilled it 1/4" down. Then I used a 3/8” drill bit to go all the way through the board.

Step 6: Attach New Fence

Now using the original bolts, attach the new fence onto the router table.

Step 7: Atatching Router

Attach the router and router bit to the table. Then raise the router bit to the height that you will be using it at.

Step 8: Fence Cut Out

Once the router bit is in place, turn on the router and slowly push the newly built fence into the router bit to carve out the zero clearance area. When the bit has gone through the fence then it is now complete and you will have the best fence for your router table.

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