Introduction: Zero Cost Iron Man Arc Reactor

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how to make an Arc Reactor with only cardboard? for last minute Halloween costume :)

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Step 1: Make a Cardboard Frame

  1. you can use any smartphone, i used Samsung S3 Mini,
  2. make a cardboard frame for the phone

Step 2: Cardboard Ring & Rope

  1. glue a cardboard ring on the frame
  2. attach the cardboard piece on the chest using rope or string

Step 3: Download Arc Reactor Slides

  1. download 2 arc reactor slides to your phone here
  2. turn on slideshow function, disable sleep option

Step 4: Grow Tony's Beard or Draw

  1. grow bread like Tony, or download the beard drawing from
  2. done! zero cost Tony Stark props, have fun! :)

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