Sophisticated Drill Bit Storage Using Old Pens

Introduction: Sophisticated Drill Bit Storage Using Old Pens

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Disposable pens are accurate writing instruments that are manufactured with precision. They are also designed to hold cylindrical objects. That's why they can be a good candidate for holding drill bits. And because you were going to throw them anyway they are free.

When using exhausted disposable pens you are actually reusing and doing a little bit recycling. So you are actually contributing to save Nature.


From Google:

the quality of being sophisticated. the quality of being sophisticated.
(of a machine, system, or technique) developed to a high degree of complexity.

Using this simple definition as a law I am calling this storage sophisticated. If a disposable pen is observed closely it is in itself quiet complex. Now if used for storing drill bits it adds to its complexity.

For example, storage for a memory card (pictured above) looks sophisticated though it is quiet simple in construction. The small protrusions and tabs add to its complexity. On the same principles a drill bit kept in a disposable pen really looks sophisticated.

Step 1: Requirements

  1. Scotch Tape
  2. Few disposable pens with refills
  3. File
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Permanent marker
  6. Drill bits

Step 2: Type I Storage – for Small (less Than 3 Mm) Drill Bits

This type of storage requires a little bit of work. You will need an empty refill (gel or ball point pen) and wire cutter. Just cut three lengths equal to the length of the drill bit. The three refill lengths can now be arranged in triangular, hexagonal or any other stable arrangement held together by Scotch tape. Appropriate refill can be found by merely inserting the drill bit in the refill. File can be used for finishing the edges.


  1. Keeps multiple pieces of drill bits of same diameter together.
  2. Prevents loss of small drill bits.

Step 3: Type II Storage – for Medium (4 Mm to 6 Mm) Drill Bits

This is evident from the pictures. You need empty pen barrels for storing drill bits. Just wrap around a piece of Scotch tape for labeling.


  1. Disposable pens are made from high quality plastic that does not break easily upon falling. So they will protect the hard but brittle drill bits upon falling.
  2. Carrying a drill bit in shirt pocket is as easy as carrying a pen.
  3. Drill bits can be easily stored in a pencil box.

Step 4: Type III Storage – for Large (greater Than 7 Mm) Drill Bits

Use pen cases for large drill bits. Since, a pen has a large diameter of the order of the drill bit these cases are perfect for holding one large and costly drill bit.


  1. Protection to hard but brittle drill bits.
  2. This storage gives a feel of something precious kept in a museum (large drill bits are costly and pen cases usually hold costly pens).
  3. Ample space for labeling.

Step 5: Labelling

A permanent marker can be used for writing drill bit diameter on the Scotch tape label provided on the pen.

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    7 years ago

    just drill a hole with each bit in a block of wood. hey presto. bit storage. with the added bonus of not having to write War and Peace to get enough pen cases.

    Captain Vyom
    Captain Vyom

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Drilling holes with same bit for storage is really a good idea.