Introduction: Zero Lamp

so a buddy wanted a 3d printed figure of Zero for Nightmare before Christmas. I told him that a figure is amateur and I can make it cooler. so I made him an LED lamp, that can cycle through colors, runs of batteries, and has a remote. Here is what your gonna need

winning attitude.

understanding spouse

scrap wire

battery springs:

3d printer


3d pen (handy but not necessary)

soldering iron with solder

AAA batteries

RGB light strip (USB Powered)

Step 1: Print, Sleep, Remove Failed Print, Repeat

so I started by scaling and printing the file.

Scaled it to barely fit on the printer (ender 3), and had multiple failures. Mainly on the body. the body, head and ears were done in GEEETECH white as its kind of milky. the collar was polytech silk ruby read, eyes were hatchbox black, and the nose was a no name brand orange

Step 2: Let There Be Light

so I modified this model to fit 2 AAA batteries, then fixed in the battery springs with a soldering iron:

I also modeled a plate to friction fit in the bottom of the body

I then removed the USB from this item:

and wired it to the battery box. i also desoldered the IR sensor and attached wires so i could position it better. This ended up being unnecessary as it worked fine through the PLA. i then cut the RGB strip to fit and soldered it up. Hit the power button on the remote. put in batteries when it doesnt work. remove the plastic battery tab in the remote when THAT didnt work. Revel in the brightnes

Step 3: Finished

assemble the various parts. I used a soldering iron/ 3d printer pen to "weld" the pieces together. I don't like superglue. A tube of superglue killed my parents in an alley behind a theater. My brother Bruce didn't handle it as well as i did, but that's another story for another time.

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