Introduction: Zigzag Marble Run

Have fun making this simple zigzag marble run


You will need:
A sheet of cardboard
Hot glue gun
Box cuter knife

Step 1: Making the Base

Cut a 14.5cm x 12cm piece of cardboard and draw a line 7cm down the middle as shown in the picture
Now cut a 16cm x 12cm x 7cm triangle and glue it on the line using a hot glue gun
cut a 4cm x 4cm square and glue it onto the triangle for extra support as shown

Step 2: Attaching the Ramp Supporter

Cut a 16cm x 18cm piece of cardboard and draw a line 16cm up in the middle of it as shown
Then glue the line to the triangle
As shone above

Step 3: Attaching the Ramps

Cut 5 13cm x 2cm rectangles and glue one of them at a slight angle at the top of the ramp supporter
Now take the second ramp and glue it just under the first ramp make sure to leave space for the marbles.
Carry on glueing your ramps until you reach the bottom .
As shown in pictures

Step 4: Finishing Off

Cut 2 2cm x 18cm rectangles and glue them onto the sides of the ramps
The rectangles won't let the marbles fall of.
As shown in pictures.

And there you have it your own zigzag marble run
You will enjoy rolling your marbles down the ramps

Step 5:

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